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Demystify Oil & Gas Mineral Rights

Get the inside scoop on buying (and selling) oil and gas mineral rights. This mini-course explores the very basics of mineral rights and common strategies that mineral acquisition and divesture companies use to profit from oil and gas mineral rights.

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Why Buy Minerals?

Learn what makes oil and gas mineral rights a unique investment opportunity. 

Mineral Rights 101

Learn about the types of mineral rights and essential basics that every mineral buyer MUST know.

Mineral Valuations

Explore two mineral valuation methods as well as the 7 factors that influence the value.

Location is Everything

Location is the biggest factor in determining the value and future potential of mineral rights.

Where to Find Mineral Rights

Minerals can be found in auctions, brokerages, listing services, tax sales, landmen, and more.

Mineral Purchase Process

Review the process of purchasing mineral rights - from bid/offer to ownership transfer, and getting into pay status.

A & D Strategies

Discover popular mineral acquisition and divestiture strategies such flipping, aggregating, and holding minerals.

Dispelling Common Myths

Learn about the three strategies newcomers think they can use, but that don't usually work out very well.

Get the Inside Scoop


Unless you were born into a family with mineral rights, or work in the oil and gas industry, you probably don't have access to the inside information to invest in mineral rights!

Investing in oil and gas royalties and mineral rights is very risky, so you really need to know what you're doing!

This mini-course is designed to introduce you to the world of mineral acquisition and divestiture (A&D), and give you enough information to decide if you want to pursue buying mineral rights.  


Buy now for $500

Course Contents

The Mini-course is not designed to give you the width and breadth of knowledge you will need, but these 18 modules will give you enough information to know if buying (and selling) mineral rights is right for you!

The following modules are included:


  • Welcome & Overview
  • About Your Instructor
  • Why Buy Mineral Rights?

Introduction to Mineral Rights

  • What Are Mineral Rights?
  • Producing vs. Non-Producing Minerals
  • Conventional vs. Unconventional Drilling
  • Location is Everything

Mineral Rights Continued

  • Fractional Undivided Interest
  • Three Basic Types of Mineral Rights
  • Oil and Gas Well Lifecycle
  • How Mineral Rights are Valued
  • 7 Factors that Influence the Value of Mineral Rights

Mineral Acquisition and Divestiture

  • How Mineral Rights are Purchased
  • Who Can Buy Mineral Rights? (Don't worry - everyone can buy them, but not from each source)
  • Finding Mineral Rights for Sale
  • Common Mineral Acquisition and Divestiture Strategies
  • Dispelling Common Myths (and Beginner Plans that Don't Usually Work Out)
  • Next Steps
Buy now for $500

Learn to Buy Mineral Rights!

Demystify oil and gas royalties and mineral rights.  This mini-course explores the basics of mineral rights and common strategies that mineral acquisition and divesture companies use to profit from oil and gas mineral rights.

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